TLP 2014 Registration Form

Step #1 – Fill out the form below. (It will save you time at the registration desk)
Step #2 – Select your purchases.
Step #3 – Go to the “Check Out” page.
Step #4 – Pick up your TLP VIP Pass, tickets or merchandise at the express desk at anyone of the TLP Welcome Centres.

After filling out and submitting the form below and you be redirected to the Heart of the Flag Federation Inc. website to purchase TLP 2014 VIP Passes and individual TLP Contests/Leather Ball 20 (XX) tickets online with PayPal (No account needed.) Heart of the Flag Federation Inc. (HOTF) is the not-for-profit membership club that produces Toronto Leather Pride.

TLP 2014 VIP Weekend Pass will be on sale online until Friday, August 08th, 2014 @ midnight. After that date please buy your passes and tickets from the TLP Welcome Centre. (Please see the website for location, dates and times)

Please link here for information on the TLP 2014 VIP Pass and what is included in the pass.

Please link here for information on individual event tickets.

Please check the events calendar soon for more information on all upcoming events.

TLP 2014 Registration Form

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