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Download a Contestant Application Today! (Available May 1, 2015)

The Ms Leather Toronto contest is held during Toronto Leather Pride week and is presented during the second weekend in August. The Ms Leather Toronto contest may be challenging, but the opportunities for personal growth are tremendous. The rewards of both competing and winning are an amazing life experience.

Who can enter the Ms Leather Toronto Contest?

Leatherwomen with a serious commitment to:

  • Leather, kink and play
  • Community Involvement
  • Personal Growth, but most of all lots of Fun

You must be:

  • twenty-one years old
  • a Canadian citizen/landed immigrant
  • living in the Greater Toronto Area (within a two hour commute of downtown Toronto)
  • must self-identify as part of women’s leather community, as the Ms Leather Toronto Contest is a competition for a women’s title.

This title is open to women of all sexual orientations.

Don’t think that you must be well known in leather / fetish / kink circles, with a closet full of leather or gear to compete.

But do recognize that you should be a woman with your own leather or gear and with a passion for the leather /fetish / Kink lifestyle, and comfortable with being active and visible in Toronto’s queer community.

Concerned about the commitment level? Don’t be! As the current Ms Leather Toronto you will only have to participate in one TLP event, on average, per month! The rest of your title year is up to you.

Enjoy the Benefits of Competing:

  • the opportunity to compete for an international title or a regional title
  • travel and appearance opportunities
  • a generous prize package, including a Ms Leather Toronto Title Vest
  • Leather / Fetish / Kink fellowship : Opportunities to share ideas and experiences with diverse segments of our community, and a chance to meet fellow leather / fetish / kink folk throughout North America.
  • Local Involvement: An opportunity to contribute not only to the Leather / Fetish / Kink community, but to the ENTIRE community. Together Ms Leather Toronto and the other Toronto Leather Pride titleholders’ select and fundraise for their designated charity.
  • Personal Growth and Fun: Opportunities to explore your inner-self, and learn about and serve the community of leather/ fetish / kink folk. Ask former TLP Contestant’s. They agree that the good times far outweigh the time commitment.

As the new MsLT titleholder you and the other TLP titleholders will equally represent Toronto’s Leather / Fetish / Kink / Community at local, national, and international events.

All contestants win prizes and the total of prize packages awarded at TLP 2013 weekend was more than $15,000!

All contestants are VIP guests at all TLP Week Events.

If I win, must I compete at International Ms Leather, Women International Leather Legacy or Ms Central Canadian Olympus Leather contest?

No. This is not a firm requirement. Ms Leather Toronto has the opportunity to compete at either IMsL, WILL or at MsCCOL and by all accounts from former MsLT’s it is a unique life experience, but the titleholder can chose not to compete at IMsL, WILL or Ms Central Canadian Olympus Leather Contest for reasons that are their own.

Unlike the claims of some other leather contests it is not a requirement for you to compete at the international or regional level. It is completely up to you! We tell you upfront what is required. – No Surprises!

How do I enter?

Just fill out an application.

For a complete list of the official 2016 MsLT Contest Rules and Requirements:
Please Link Here (Available May 1, 2015)

For an MsLT 2016 Application:
Download a Contestant Application Today! (Available May 01. 2015)


If your curiosity is piqued, please do not be shy about asking questions! For more information regarding the MsLT contest, please contact the MsLT Coordinator at their email address located on the “Contact Us” page of our club’s website. Please link here to be directed to the Heart of the Flag Federation Inc. website. HOTF is the membership club that produces the MsLT Contest during Toronto Leather Pride week.

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